New YousicPlay Course

Rai BeardsleyNews

I’m excited to launch my new course with Yousicplay! In this course, I teach you all of my rock keyboard and sound design secrets and give you new ways to approach your instrument. 

Learn how to combine sound design with your piano playing!
Discover the best ways to increase your speed, improve your accuracy, develop your knowledge of sound design and create your own musical ideas!
Develop your skills by following our successful step-by-step practice strategy!

Learn more about my course at

Here’s what’s in the course:

  • 25 Video Lessons (3hrs 30mins)
    MIDI Files & Music Notation
    Course Book & Practice Guide 

Lesson Topics:

  • Jordan Style Hand Independence
    Playing Fast and Clean (Dexterity)
    Pitch Bending Techniques and many more!