Welcome to my Featured Apps page. This page will highlight apps for iOS that I believe deserve special recognition. I hope you enjoy this page and who knows, maybe the next JR feature will be about your app!


LumaFX is the most powerful choice for layering customizable FX and color correction on your videos. Add multiple color, styles, blurs, pixel effects and distortions to create an infinite variety of effects. Adjust individual parameters on each effect and color correction.

Use keyframing to animate each effect. Ideal for professional video producers, mobile journalists and movie making enthusiasts! This app is produced by the original creators of the award-winning Pinnacle Studio App.


ROTOR is the new app that turns your device into a complete music performance suite.

Using the optional ROTOR controllers, which can be purchased separately, it also brings the reactable tangible music experience that has captivated musicians such as Björk, Coldplay or Gui Boratto, for the first time into the iPad.

NOISE (with ROLI Blocks)

NOISE is a free modular music app that lets you create music in minutes whether you’re a beginner or a pro musician. Using simple, easy-to-learn gestures, you can make beats, melodies and songs with a huge library of sounds.

NOISE is an incredibly powerful handheld instrument, and that’s not all. It’s also the software engine of ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio.


Bebot is a musical instrument that anyone can play. Instead of a keyboard, it has an easy-to-use touch control system. And it’s all built into a friendly animated robot, who performs your music while you play.

Although it looks simple on the outside, inside is a powerful synth engine which lets you create and edit your own sounds and apply effects. The controls are simple to use, making it fun to tinker and experiment with sound. If you just want to get playing, there’s also a wide selection of preset sounds.