Welcome to my Featured Artist page. This page will highlight artists who I believe deserve special recognition. I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music so you will see a diverse collection of musicians show up on this page. Also I’ll occasionally feature projects that I played on or had some other personal interest in. I hope you enjoy this page and who knows, maybe the next JR feature will be about you!

Gerald Peter’s Circle Of Illusion project

I’ve been traveling around the world for many years meeting all kinds of young musicians. Every now and then I meet someone who really stands out as exceptionally talented. This is the case in Keyboardist, Composer, Producer Gerald Peter from Vienna. This young man is a power house of talent that is not only capable of writing and playing great music but also a major production…

Circle of Illusion’s Jeremiah- Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms is his debut album. Keep your eyes on him and everything he does!

Mika Tyyskä

MIKA Tyyskä is one of the most talented people that I know. He is a phenomenal guitar player as well as an accomplished graphic animator. In addition to his many personal accomplishments he also is the original creator of my keyboard wizard character which you’ve seen in many of the Dream Theater cartoons and all over Jordan Rudess world. If you have never checked out his work, you will be thanking me soon because this man is a one-of-a-kind and everyone should know about the creative light that shines from his inner being. It is my absolute pleasure to be able to have him as my featured artist this week!

Daniel Jakubovic

I’ve known Daniel Jakubovic for many years and have watched him develop as a musician.

He is an enormous talent. A guitarist, drummer, singer who writes and produces his own music. He is also active as a producer for many other artists!

Check out this video where he is doing it all!


A very powerful vocal group that features some very wonderful vocal talent.

Brothers Page (Josh and Zach) are the producers and they are actually long time family friends.

Their new video is awesome. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will especially be blown away! I’m really proud of the boys.


Haken is one of my very favorite new progressive rock bands.

They beautifully fuse together a wonderful blend of stylistic elements which end up being some really cool prog! If you are not familiar with their music you should check it out now!

The EP Restoration is awesome.

Project RnL – Twisted Truth

Eyal Amir is the driving force behind the RnL Project. His compositions and arrangements are always inspiring, original and exciting.

In addition to be a top notch musician he also is an accomplished video artist.

I’ve appeared in many of his productions myself. It’s a pleasure to feature his new video here.

Dave Kerzner

Dave Kerzner produced this album based on a Kickstarter campaign. I know Dave’s name originally from his sound library company Sonic Reality. I read a review of the album in progressive rock magazine and then checked it out.

It caught my ear immediately. It was hard for me to resist the beautiful Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons type textures that he so elegantly and powerfully crafted! Great work Dave! You guys have to check this out!