New interview with Jordan about Keyfest 2018!

Rob SkarinNews

Jordan was recently interviewed by Sweetwater’s InSync about the upcoming Keyfest event! Read an excerpt of the interview below and click here to read the full interview.

“We’re really looking forward to hosting Keyfest 2018. Can you tell us a little about why you started the event and what attendees can expect?”

It’s something I wanted to start because I wanted to get more of a community vibe going in the keyboard world. The whole Keyfest idea is about the spirit of engagement and being interactive. So when people come to Keyfest, they have full access to everyone that is there to teach. I’ll be there to really talk to people, to answer questions, to be with them, to hang with them, and to get to know them. To me, the social interaction and the chance to be with other players and meet people from around the world, I really enjoy that.

This year, we also have Bill Lawrence from Snarky Puppy and Tom Brislin from Yes and Renaissance being the teachers. Each person has unique things to share and comes into it with their own background. We do jams every night, and each of the artists has a chance to perform. It’s like a real camp vibe. Over the course of a few days, you really make friends for life.

“Keyfest is on its third year. What’s bringing you to Sweetwater this time around?”

The first two Keyfests were held way out in the country in a resort environment. It was really nice. But logistically it was not easy. And you guys are awesome and have all the facilities and everything a keyboard player or any musician would ever want to put their hands on. Not only that, but Sweetwater has the staffing to make this thing so smooth. And everybody there is notorious for being super helpful and well informed on all the gear. So in my opinion, doing this kind of thing at Sweetwater is an amazing thing.