Keyboard Wizard Jordan Rudess Kicks Off Worldwide “Bach to Rock” Solo Piano Tour

Michael BrandvoldNews

By Chris Epting

What can be said of Jordan Rudess? You probably know him as the keyboard wizard from the legendary prog-metal outfit, Dream Theater. But this visionary craftsman also founded Wizdom Music, which allows him to develop new musical technologies and apps that further fuse the bond between human beings and all musical art forms. There have been a myriad of solo records, and side projects including Liquid Tension Experiment among many others.

But when you get right to the heart of it, Jordan Rudess is a keyboard player. For all of the futuristic technologies and mind-bending technological achievements he has been at the forefront of, at the end of the day, he’s a keyboard player.

He is about to embark on a solo tour called From Bach to RockW which will touch upon every phase of his most interesting life as a musician. Just Jordan and a grand piano, with lots of stories and selections pulled from his entire life. Jordan and I had a conversation this week on the heels of the tour, details of which can be found here.

There’s a minor bit of drop off in the middle where Jordan gets a phone call, but it’s all good. It’s real life bumping into a busy schedule. I hope you enjoy our conversation, which covers the tour, his upcoming Keyfest event and the next Dream Theater project.