Gerald Peter GeoJamTrax Preset, and GeoCello $9.99 USD special!

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Introducing GeoJamTrax. Artist curated presets with a backing track and the easy to use diatonic keyboard, so that everyone can shred! Gerald Peter shows you how to shred with his GeoJamTrax preset! To support the introduction of the first GeoJamTrax preset, the GeoCello will be on sale for $9.99 USD, 33% Off ***.

To get started, look for the setlist GeoJamTrax. You will find artist created presets with backing tracks from Gerald Peter, Zach Kamins, Glaysys, Marco Parisi and Jordan Rudess.

If you are on your iOS device with GeoShred 5.872.1 or greater, you can open Gerald Peter’s GeoJamTrax with this link:

**Note that Apple sets the local territory price and may add additional local charges.

Gerald Peter