Keyboard Wizard Jordan Rudess Kicks Off Worldwide “Bach to Rock” Solo Piano Tour

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By Chris Epting What can be said of Jordan Rudess? You probably know him as the keyboard wizard from the legendary prog-metal outfit, Dream Theater. But this visionary craftsman also founded Wizdom Music, which allows him to develop new musical technologies and apps that further fuse the bond between human beings and all musical art forms. There have been a myriad … Read More

Announcing Keyfest 2018!

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It’s a place for keyboardists to gather and share their music, sounds, technique, and technology. Learn from, listen to, and jam with Jordan Rudess, Tom Brislin, and Bill Laurance!

BACH TO ROCK 2018 tour dates announced!

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Excited to announce the first dates of my Spring ’18 solo piano concerts. I’ll be touring the U.S. West Coast and Europe performing BACH TO ROCK, a musical journey from my classical roots through my rock influences. Frankfurt, Germany and San Francisco, California are on sale now. More dates are coming soon!

Geoshred PLAY out now + Facebook live stream

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With GeoShred Play, everyone can shred using the the new diatonic playing surface! You can Shred the Blues and never hit a wrong note. Slide your finger in any direction and let the magic happen using a scale that fits perfectly against a backing track. GeoShred Play is a play-only version of the award-winning GeoShred musical instrument for iPad, iPhone … Read More

InterSonic album out now on PledgeMusic!

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My new collaboration album ‘InterSonic’ with Steve Horelick is OUT NOW via PledgeMusic! – A few autographed copies also remain exclusively at the Lazy Bones Recordings store, here –

MorphWiz and Tachyon apps updated for iOS11!

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Jordan Rudess’ MorphWiz and Tachyon apps for iOS have been updated to support the mobile operating systems latest version, iOS11! Both apps now sport 64-bit iOS11 optimised builds with edge protection support.

Wizardly Wayz ROLI NOISE soundpack now available!

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Check out my new ROLI NOISE soundpack ‘Wizardly Wayz’, available to download now via the NOISE app – I scoured sounds from my various works and found ones that not only represent my rock and prog side, but also my love for sounds that evolve. I made sure that all the five dimensions of touch are active and meaningful … Read More

‘Intersonic’, my new album with Steve Horelick now available to pre-order!

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The beautiful and haunting NEW CD, interSonic, by JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater) and synth-wiz, STEVE HORELICK, features 11 tracks + a download card which includes 3 bonus tracks exclusive to the CD. Plus, the first 1,000 CD’s will be AUTOGRAPHED by Jordan and Steve! In addition, when you Pre-Order from PledgeMusic, you’ll have access to limited edition items, exclusive audio, … Read More

Listen to my new collaboration ‘Light Becomes Day’ now!

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I’m very pleased to release ‘Light Becomes Day’, my “East Meets West” collaboration with Mahesh Raghvan, Mohini dey and Manjunath Bc. The track features Mahesh and I both playing GeoShred, my cutting edge virtual instrument for iOS that allows you to achieve realistic guitar sounds that you can bend, stretch and manipulate endlessly! A high resolution download of ‘Light … Read More