Beta Testers Needed For New Service : Artistco


Hello fans and friends around the world,

The music business is changing fast and i am really excited to share an entirely new platform that I’ve been helping to develop. It’s called Artistco and it gives power back to the artist while bringing fans as close as possible to the artist and their music. I believe it gives hope to the future of music makers and music listeners everywhere!

Here’s what I think you’ll like:

– Stream my music in high quality on your phone or computer.

– Get my latest updates on the free Android/iOS app.

– Get exclusive VIP promotions and news about my upcoming gigs.

– Get credits when you bring other friends onboard.

Today we are starting beta testing and during that time, Artistco will be completely FREE! In thanks for helping me test the platform, I’m including two never before released JR piano tracks.

When Artistco goes live, it will be a paid service in which each artist will determine their own yearly subscription price. Through cutting edge affiliate links, fans and artists will be able to gain Artistco points. Enjoy checking it out and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Here is the link:

All the best