New JR Voice Samples from SAMPLEBASE!


The amazing folks at SampleBase have released what is possibly THE coolest new SoundBlock for their Satellite synth player.

The story –
“Halfway through the 2009 NAMM show in Anaheim, Jordan noticed that his voice had changed as a result of straining to talk over the loud rumble of the show, producing a second tone that was exactly an octave higher than his normal voice. So, he decided to pull out his trusty iPhone and record the phenomenon in his hotel room. During the show, we happened to have the video camera running as he explained his revelation to us… so naturally, we asked him if we could snag his samples and try our hand at programming them for Satellite, to which he replied, “Why not?”

Check it out by visiting and downloading the SoundBlock! It runs with their Satellite synth player which can also be downloaded for free from the site!