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Levin Minnemann Rudess - From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess (2016)

1. Back to the Machine
2. Ready, Set, Sue
3. Riff Splat
4. What is the Meaning?
5. Marseille
6. Good Day Hearsay
7. Witness
8. Balloon
9. When the Gavel Falls
10. The Verdict
11. Free Radicals
12. Magistrate
13. Shiloh's Cat
14. The Tort
15. Testimony (Bonus Cut)
16. Habeas Porpoise (Bonus Cut)
17. The Tort (Ver. 2xb-74) (Bonus Cut)

An Endless Sporadic - Magic Machine

Joining master multi instrumentalist Zach Kamins on this album is a stellarline-up of virtuoso musicians (we stopped counting at 30 instruments…all recorded live and including Hand Hammered Lasagne Trays!) and special guests including Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment), Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings), Michael Iago Mellender (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and Navene K (Animals as Leaders, Entheos) to name just a few!

DreamTheater - The Astonishing (2016)


1. Descent Of The Nomacs
2. Dystopian Overture
3. The Gift Of Music
4. The Answer
5. A Better Life
6. Lord Nafaryus
7. A Savior In The Square
8. When Your Time Has Come
9. Act Of Faythe
10. Three Days
11. The Hovering Sojourn
12. Brother, Can You Hear Me?
13. A Life Left Behind
14. Ravenskill
15. Chosen
16. A Tempting Offer
17. Digital Discord
18. The X Aspect
19. A New Beginning
20. The Road To Revolution


21. 2285 Entr'acte
22. Moment Of Betrayal
23. Heaven's Cove
24. Begin Again
25. The Path That Divides
26. Machine Chatter
27. The Walking Shadow
28. My Last Farewell
29. Losing Faythe
30. Whispers On The Wind
31. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices
32. Our New World
33. Power Down
34. Astonishing

Jordan Rudess - The Unforgotten Path (2015)

Entangled (Originally performed by Genesis)
Your Song (Originally performed by Elton John)
For Japan (Jordan Rudess)
Karma Police (Originally performed by Radiohead)
Soon (Originally performed by Yes)
The Sound of Silence (Originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel)
Here, There and Everywhere (Originally performed by The Beatles)
Grandchester Meadows (Originally performed by Pink Floyd)
Old Man in the House (Jordan Rudess)
Scarborough Fair (Originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel)
As Tears Go By (Originally performed by The Rolling Stones)
Imagine (Originally performed by John Lennon)
Moonchild (Originally performed by King Crimson)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Originally performed by Evan MacColl)
Send in the Clowns (Originally performed by Stephen Sondheim)
Tribute to Jobs (Jordan Rudess)
Opus 58 (Jordan Rudess)

The Unforgotten Path is a collection of melodies that have inspired my musical life. Beginning when I was in elementary school, I began to improvise piano arrangements from basic lead sheets. My mother started bringing home every style of sheet music: songs from film, musical theater and rock. I remember playing those songs in my parents’ living room while taking a break from practicing my Juilliard classical repertoire. The selections on this album are all songs that allow me to sit at the piano and transcend normal, daily life and enter into my favorite musical headspace. I’ve been playing some of these melodies for decades and recording an album like this has been on my To Do list for awhile. I recorded this all on my 9 foot Steinway D in the comfort of my home studio during August, 2015. Thank you for listening and I will see all of you… “On The Road”

Dream Theater - Breaking the Fourth Wall LIVE (2014)

The Enemy Inside
The Shattered Fortress
On the Backs of Angels
The Looking Glass
Trial of Tears
Enigma Machine (with drum solo by Mike Mangini)
Along for the Ride
Breaking All Illusions
The Mirror
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
Space-Dye Vest
Illumination Theory
Overture 1928
Strange Déjà Vu
The Dance of Eternity
Finally Free

Jordan Rudess - Explorations For Keyboard & Orchestra (2014)

1 - Explorations For Keyboard & Orchestra 1st Movement
2 - Explorations For Keyboard & Orchestra 2nd Movement
3 - Explorations For Keyboard & Orchestra 3rd Movement
4 - Screaming Head
5 - Shouri Now
6 - The Untouchable Truth
7 - Over The Edge
8 - A Pledge To You

Jordan Rudess - All That Is Now (2013)

1. Flash of Hope
2. Pacific Waves
3. Spectral Haze
4. A Last Goodbye
5. State of Being
6. Flying into Blue
7. A Thousand Years
8. Uncovered
9. The Telling
10. Altitude High
11. The Untouchable Truth
12. Looking Beyond
13. Eye Wonder

Dream Theater - Live at Luna Park (2013)

01. Bridges In The Sky
02. 6:00
03. The Dark Eternal Night
04. This Is The Life
05. The Root Of All Evil
06. Lost Not Forgotten
07. Drum Solo
08. A Fortune In Lies
09. The Silent Man
10. Beneath The Surface
11. Outcry
12. Piano Solo
13. Surrounded
14. On The Backs Of Angels
15. War Inside My Head
16. The Test That Stumped Them All
17. Guitar Solo
18. The Spirit Carries On
19. Breaking All Illusions
20. Metropolis Pt. 1

Dream Theater (2013)

1. False Awakening Suite
2. The Enemy Inside
3. The Looking Glass
4. Enigma Machine
5. The Bigger Picture
6. Behind the Veil
7. Surrender to Reason
8. Along for the Ride
9. Illumination Theory

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

1. On The Backs Of Angels
2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
3. Lost Not Forgotten
4. This Is The Life
5. Bridges In The Sky
6. Outcry
7. Far From Heaven
8. Breaking All Illusions
9. Beneath The Surface

Levin Minnemann Rudess (2009)

1. Marcopolis
2. Twitch
3. Frumious Banderfunk
4. The Blizzard
5. Mew
6. Afa Vulu
7. Descent
8. Scrod
9. Orbiter
10. Enter the Core
11. Ignorant Elephant
12. Lakeshore Lights
13. Dancing Feet
14. Service Engine

Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009)

Dream Theater

Dream Theater's 2009 studio album.

1. A Nightmare To Remember
2. A Rite of Passage
3. Wither
4. The Shattered Fortress
5 The Best of Times
6. The Count of Tuscany

Jordan Rudess - Notes on a Dream (2009)

Jordan has recorded some spectacular solo piano renditions of some classic Dream Theater ballads for this album along with some great new original pieces.

1. Through Her Eyes
2. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
3. Perpetuum Mobile
4. The Silent Man
5 Another Day
6. Hollow Years
7. The Grand Escapement
8. The Spirit Carries On
9. Speak To Me
10. The Answer Lies Within
11. Collision Point
12. Vacant

Click here to read some reviews of Notes on a Dream.


"The Way of the Exploding Guitar" is an album of strong guitar music. 14 tracks of instrumental action in bold stereo. Hard rock!

Featuring guest solos by: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Christophe Godin, Niko Tsonev and Ran Ran du Ran. Music composed and produced by Mika Tyyskä.

The album consist of 12 new compostions. Strong melodies and rhythms, energy, joy, feelings and emotions. It is a rock album, but you can hear influences from many styles. From hairy 80's rock to epic soundtracks. From metal to ethnic tones.

The two encore tracks are new re-recorded versions of classic tracks: "Exploding solo" and "Tapping Boogie".

1. Enter
2. Go Flash Go
3. Wax on – Wax off
4. Goldfish
5. The Ninjas I
6. Humble Moves
7. Big Trummors
8. Zing Zing
9. Creatures of the Midnight
10. The Ninjas II
11. Once There was a Tree
12. Epic
13. Exploding Solo
14. Tapping Boogie

Total time 50 minutes. Only for the strong at heart!
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Ricky Garcia - LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE (2008)

Ricky Garcia is one of the real young guns of the guitar world.

I have been following him since he was a student at the Berklee school of music. During those years he managed to keep me interested (not easy to do) and very up to date with his quickly advancing musical skills. I knew a long time ago that one day he would be making an appearance on one of my albums, and actually he appeared on my last solo album "The Road Home." Recently it was my turn (and pleasure) to return the favor and play on his new solo album, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie." I joined him for some burning trades and a JR solo on the song Tank. You gotta check Ricky out. He totally rocks!!!


01. Tank (feat. Jordan Rudess)
02. Ultimate Seven
03. Testovoice
04. Breakdown
05. Minuteman
06. Forever Lonely
07. Total Access
08. Cross Chopper
09. Goofy Duck
10. Groovemachine
11. Doggy Luke

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Dream Theater - Chaos In Motion (2007 / 2008)

Intro/Also sprach Zarathustra
Constant Motion
Panic Attack
Blind Faith
The Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard Solo
Lines in the Sand
The Ministry of Lost Souls
Take the Time
In the Presence of Enemies
Schmedley Wilcox:
I. Trial of Tears
II. Finally Free
III. Learning to Live
IV. In the Name of God
V. Octavarium

Jordan Rudess - THE ROAD HOME (2007)

View the WikiPedia entry for The Road Home review review

Earmarked for a brilliant career as a classical pianist, Rudess was seduced by prog rock’s siren song and found his musical identity. “I remember hearing Gentle Giant’s Free Hand for the first time,” says an über-exuberant Rudess. “I totally, absolutely got into the song ‘Just the Same’. It is kind of like an anthem for me -- a song of freedom and personal rebellion.”

With his new solo record, The Road Home, the synth/piano giant dives headlong into a canon of music that inspired joyous upheaval and unprecedented creative discovery in his life. “I felt recording songs that were meaningful to me then – and now -- would be fun and challenging at the same time,” Rudess says. “[Prog] changed my life, for sure, and took me off the purely classical path and firmly committed me to this other road of discovery.”

Rudess’ willingness to stretch the boundaries of technique and explore sonic textures in a variety of expansive compositions has made the former classical pianist the heir apparent to an elite prog-rock keyboard monarchy endowed with such superior stock as Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Patrick Moraz, and Tony Banks.

The Road Home is both homage and crowning achievement in prog rock’s great exploratory tradition. Just as Emerson rearranged Tchaikovsky, Rodrigo, Janacek, Copland, Mussorgsky and “Lux” Lewis, Rudess decodes established classics while sculpting his own distinctive style.

With the help of today’s leading prog talents (including friend/musical partner, Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein), Rudess re-envisions Genesis’ 1976 jolting, jiggery-pokery gem “Dance on a Volcano” (with former Spock’s Beard frontman Neal Morse on vocals); ELP’s apocalyptic epic “Tarkus” (featuring Kip Winger and Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson); Yes’ fusion-esque, Minimoog/electric piano extravaganza “Sound Chaser” (from the oft-overlooked Relayer record); and the aforementioned “Just the Same.”

As the kicker, a seamless piano medley fuses bits of the Jon Anderson vocal showpiece “Soon”, Crimson’s gentle, supernatural “I Talk to the Wind” (with vocals by Rudess), Yes’ “And You And I”, and Genesis’ sprawling “Supper’s Ready.”

Don’t be fooled. The Road Home is not a ham-handedly mashed together tribute record: it’s a genuine product of personal inspiration. “I wanted to play the right pieces and play the parts that I felt were really important to the composition,” says Rudess, who penned the original “A Piece of the p” for The Road Home. “I also added my own sections that aren’t there at all [in the original songs]. So there is a lot of originality even within these new arrangements.”

01. Dance On a Volcano
02. Sound Chaser
03. Just The Same
04. JR Piano Medley
05. Piece of The Pi
06. Tarkus

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Liquid Trio Experiment - SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION (2007)

During the recording sessions for their second album, John Petrucci had to leave due to his wife's going into premature labor. During that period, the remaining members, who still had studio time booked, continued to write music in improvisation. On October 23, 2007, a compilation of jams from those sessions was released under the name of Liquid Trio Experiment. The album, called Spontaneous Combustion, was recorded from Mike Portnoy's DATs of the sessions because the original master tapes disappeared before the mixing stage. A few songs from Liquid Tension Experiment 2 were spawned from these jam sessions, including "914", "Chewbacca", and "Liquid Dreams".

01. Chris & Kevin's Bogus Journey
02. Hot Rod
03. RPP
04. Hawaiian Funk
05. Cappuccino
06. Jazz Odyssey
07. Fire Dance
08. The Rubberband Man
09. Holes
10. Tony's Nightmare
11. Boom Boom
12. Return of the Rubberband Man
13. Disneyland Symphony

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Dream Theater - SYSTEMATIC CHAOS (2007)

01. In The Presence Of Enemies
02. Forsaken
03. Constant Motion
04. The Dark Eternal Night
05. Repentance
06. Prophets Of War
07. The Ministry Of Lost Souls
08. In The Presence Of Enemies - part II

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Dream Theater - SCORE (2006)

Disc: 1
1. The Root Of All Evil
2. I Walk Beside You
3. Another Won
4. Afterlife
5. Under A Glass Moon
6. Innocence Faded

Disc: 2
1. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
2. I. Overture
3. II. About To Crash
4. III. War Inside My Head
5. IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
6. V. Goodnight Kiss

Disc: 3
1. Octavarium
2. Intro
3. I. Someone Like Him
4. II. Medicate Me
5. III. Full Circle
6. IV. Intervals

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Dream Theater - OCTAVARIUM (2005)

1. Root Of All Evil
2. Answer Lies Within
3. These Walls
4. I Walk Beside You
5. Panic Attack
6. Never Enough
7. Sacrificed Sons
8. Octavarium

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Dream Theater - LIVE AT BUDOKAN

Jordan Rudess - RHYTHM OF TIME (2004)

Jordan’s newest solo rock album release featuring guitarists Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Greg Howe and Vinnie Moore as well as drummer, Rod Morgenstein and other guest artists.

01. Time Crunch (6:28)
02. Screaming Head (7:19)
03. Insects Among Us (9:33)
04. Beyond Tomorrow (9:56)
05. Bar Hopping With Mr. Picky (4:37)
06. What Four (6:50)
07. Ra (7:54)
08. Tear Before the Rain (9:06)
09. Behind the Rhythm of Time [CD-ROM Track]

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"Was the two weeks Jordan Rudess spent locked in his studio working on this multi-metered, rockin' synth moonscape well-spent? No question. Ably assisted by neo-prog luminaries such as Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Kip Winger, Dave LaRue and Rod Morgenstein, Rudess has poured his legendary technical prowess and mastery of synth orchestration into the project. The result is a kaleidoscopic view into his endlessly inventive musical imagination, full of humor and licks that'll tear your head off. Did I mention the disc rocks?"

Keyboard Magazine September 2004

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1340Mag.COM conducted this interview with Jordan recently.

Dream Theater - TRAIN OF THOUGHT (2003)

Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory (2000)


Paul Winter and The Earth Band Journey With The Sun (2000)

Jordan Rudess - CHRISTMAS SKY (2002)

Jordan Rudess has created a new Christmas CD entitled "Christmas Sky" for the holidays. It features his unique style of piano and harp like improvisations all based on classic Christmas melodies. Included is an original piece written especially for the season.

Experience the intimate sound of Jordan at the keyboard, in your home this holiday!

1. White Christmasl
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. Silent Night
4. The Little Drummer Boy
5. I Wonder When I Wander
6. The Christmas Song
7. O Holy Night
8. What Child is This
9. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
10. The First Noel
11. Andelusion (original song)
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It all began one evening on the Dixie Dregs 1994 Full Circle tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when a sudden power failure shut down the guitar, bass and violin rigs. For unknown reasons, the keyboards remained unaffected. What followed was a spontaneous 10 minute drum/keyboard jam which inspired the creation of this project.

1. Don't Look Down
2. Sloth
3. Drop the Puck
4. Crossing Over
5. Never Again (for Nan)
6. Tailspin
7. Odd Man Out
8. Masada
9. Cartoon Parade
10. Over the Edge

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Liquid Tension Experiment 2

Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002)

Jordan Rudess - RESONANCE (1999)


This CD captures Jordan Rudess' unique spontaneity, magical techniques, and his creative spirit. "I sat down at my instrument and just let the ideas flow out of me without any pre-conceived compositional ideas," says Jordan. Originally, this music was dedicated to Jordan's long-time friend Shem Cohen undergoing a heart surgery and thus recorded as a healing music. For those who liked the intimacy of "Secrets Of the Muse," there are many more secrets revealed in this CD.

1. Resonance
2. Timeline
3. Flying
4. Catharsis
5. Tears

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Jordan Rudess - 4NYC (2002)

When September 11, 2001 took place life came to a standstill. The shock and reality of what happened that day drained me of my spirit. I couldn't stop wondering why I landed on this planet. I figured there must have been a ticketing mistake in heaven that day. Obviously I was not supposed to end up here! I wondered, what could I possibly do at a time like this. Gradually, I began to feel like my musical self again. The idea for a solo concert was born.

If I could transport a room full of people with my music, while raising money for the American Red Cross, then perhaps my visit to this planet would make sense!

I spoke to my wife Danielle about it. She realized that she could produce this show quickly. Through my Internet community, the American Red Cross and good friends, we managed to spread the word fast. I performed on a fantastic 9 foot Steinway grand as well as a Kurzweil 2600 and a Korg Karma. A lot of the show was improvised. I also played some songs from Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment, and there was even a version of Mary Had a Little Lamb which my daughter Ariana had requested five minutes before the show.

Minutes before the show began, I had no idea what I was going to play. I planned to let the music spontaneously flow. A week later I listened to the recording. I felt that the best parts of the evening were the improvisations but there was not enough improvised material for a full length CD.

I spent a week in my studio improvising and recording everything. The end result is here for you. Half performed live at the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center in Nyack, New York and the rest recorded in my home studio. Enjoy.

Musically, Jordan

1. My Thoughts*
2. If I Could
3. A Step Beyond*
4. Outcast
5. Lamb Chops*
6. Within
7. One Voice*
8. Real Time*
9. Mourning After
10. Darkness to Day*
11. Speed as Light*
12. On My World
13. For You

*performed at the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center, Nyack, New York, September 24, 2001. All others are studio recordings.

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A Christmas Carol (1999)

Jordan Rudess - FEEDING THE WHEEL (2001)

Jordan's most aggressive solo project to date! Take a journey to intense new worlds of musical expression. Join Jordan on a magical journey of a radical emotional and progressive adventure! Special guests include Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons), Mark Wood, John Petrucci (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) and Steve Morse (Dregs, Deep Purple).

Cover artwork created by famed Science Fiction artist David B Mattingly.

1. The Voice (Intro)
2. Quantum Soup
3. Shifting Sands
4. Dreaming in Titanium
5. Ucan Icon
6. Center of the Sphere
7. Crack the Meter
8. Headspace
9. Revolving Door
10. Interstices
11. Feed the Wheel

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Well, what can I say? I have been listening to this disc non-stop for a day and a half now, and it just keeps getting better.

Most people would probably approach this album thinking, "Great, another chops and keyboard patch marathon..." And like me, their mistake would pave the way for a pleasant surprise. Granted, the album is full of absolutely blazing solo performances by Rudess, but the best part is that there is also a very solid sense of melody and tasty arrangement throughout. Terry Bozzio lends his own brand of unique drumming to the mix, and helps the album reach a sustained high; his muscular and melodic work not only makes all the rapid-fire meter transitions seamless, but it adds a stroke of genius to the music of this superb release by refusing to lose the groove, no matter what. The lockstep rhythmic performance capped by the unison solo run between Rudess and Bozzio at the end of "Feed the Wheel" (yes folks, the drums are perfectly tuned and pitched) are a good example of how this pair juggled themes and melodies across the whole of the album.

As if this weren't enough, we are also treated to cameos by Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Billy Sheehan and violin virtuoso Mark Wood. One must also commend both Rudess and Eugene Friesen on the sound palette they have chosen for this album. It really sounds as if they spent a huge amount of time meticulously constructing and evolving the sound patches used, and most hi-fi aficionados will be thrilled by the sonic possibilities offered by this disc. The whole album should be heard repeatedly to appreciate it's scope, and tracks like "Ucan Icon", "Crack The Meter", "Revolving Door", and "Interstices" merit careful study...

Rating: 9 keyboards! Wholeheartedly recommended if you like fusion, melody and impeccable musicianship. Kudos to Rudess, Friesen and Bozzio for leading the way in this kickass album!

Prog4You / Magna Carta

He's worked with The Dixie Dregs, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dream Theater and soon with David Bowie. Now keyboard wiz Jordan Rudess returns with a strong instrumental CD on the New York-based progressive rock label Magna Carta. According to Rudess, "If someone asked me what kind of album this is, I would say a rock album, even though some of it is jazz, some classical, some perhaps leaning toward Dream Theater. So it's a blend." With eleven tracks clocking in at over an hour, Feeding The Wheel simply smokes with a stormy blend of electrifying instrumental jazz-rock fusion. In his effort to keep the high quality sound at fever pitch, Rudess has enlisted some of today's most gifted fusion instrumentalists including drummer Terry Bozzio and guitarists John Petrucci, Steve Morse and Peter Ernst and bassist Billy Sheehan. His resume as an innovative, hi-tech keyboard synthesist is well documented on the numerous albums on which he's played so it's extremely gratifying to see Rudess return with such a powerful and accomplished solo effort that more or less defines the state of jazz-rock fusion in the 21st Century.

Music Web Express 3000

Overall Rating, The Breakdown:
Shred: 10
Production: 9
Vibe: 8
Songwriting: 9

What is this album? The quick and the blunt: Jordan Rudess having thrilling auditory sex with his Kurzweil for 63 minutes. Your progressive rock loving soul will be chafed for life, and no amount of Valtrex will help the open sores that will be left in the wake of your intimate exposure to his new album.

I loved it. Buy it. Buy it for Jordan. Buy it for John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Terry Bozzio, and the rest of an impressive lineup of guests. Mr. Rudess has once again delivered a message to us all... He is the God of Prog Keys and a damn fine songwriter, too...

...Jordan's got world-class CLASS, and I almost wonder if Magna Carta encouraged him to "put in more solos" to appease his fans. A lot of stuffy types tout Jordan's best strengths being of or pertaining to classical piano (and there are a slew of great piano moments herein), but this site isn't called the House of Mozart, and you're probably at least equally interested in the "balls and chunk" aspect. Keyboard-themed albums that can deliver that at all, let alone successfully, are rare, and this album is very, very rare. It's interesting to note that with so many of the guitar legends' solo outings experimenting with techno (Morse and Satriani, et al), it is almost conspicuously missing in this, of all things, a KEYBOARDIST'S solo album.

Shred Pick: "Crack The Meter"
Reviewed by David C. Lovelace for House of Shred

Dream Theater keyboard players tend to go their separate musical ways when they record solo albums. Kevin Moore, the band's original keys man, created his ethereal Chroma Key project, while Derek Sherinian opted for gaudy progressive metal in his solo and Planet X work. Now Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater's current keyboard genius (and the man who replaced Sherinian), arrives with his fourth solo album - a tour de force that musically acknowledges his vast background in Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment and Dixie Dregs, and then takes that a step further.

Firmly rooted in the rock pantheon, Feeding the Wheel blends tasty elements of prog, jazz, classical, spoken word and even rap (!) - just listen to the midsection of "Revolving Door" for 11 of the most startling seconds in metal this year. Moody ("Shifting Sands"), modern ("Dreaming in Titanium') and majestic (the Dream Theater-like "Revolving Door"), Feeding the Wheel offers enough subtle diversity to keep listeners intrigued for the disc's 61-minute running time. (Incidentally, I'm not sure the same can be said about post-Dream Theater projects from Moore and Sherinian.) Rudess also took advantage of the latest technological innovations in his one-room studio adjacent to his suburban New York home. For example, he processed sampled chords through his Kurzweil to create a cool echo effect at the end of "Ucan Icon." The song itself sounds like Nine Inch Nails on a diet in some segments, while other passages give off more of a prog-metal vibe. Meanwhile, Rudess pays homage to old-school prog on "Crack the Meter," and occasionally drops in some bizarre voices and vocal effects, too.

Joining Rudess on various tracks are Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci, guitarist Steve Morse, drummer Terry Bozzio and bass player Billy Sheehan - making this an accomplished instrumental record of the highest order.

Sea of Tranquility

Jordan Rudess may not be a household name yet, but get used to seeing it. With a resume that makes most musicians envious, Rudess has released one of the most entertaining progressive instrumental discs for 2001, FEEDING THE WHEEL.

Rudess entered Juilliard School of Music at the age of nine to study classical piano. At age 19 he was voted best new talent from Keyboard Magazine's Readers poll after the release of his first solo disc, LISTEN in1994. That was only the beginning. Rudess has worked with Vinnie Moore, Annie Haslam (Renaissance), has recorded with David Bowie, and the Paul Winter Consort. After recording and touring with Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs, Rudess formed a power duo with Dregs' drummer Rod Morgenstein.

He is the newest member of the Progressive metal band Dream Theater, replacing Derek Sherinian. This relationship landed him a place in Liquid Tension Experiment, comprised of Dream Theater' drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci, along with bassist Tony Levin. Some of these relationships are key to FEEDING THE WHEEL.

The disc opens with a somewhat corny voice to introduce the tone of the record. From there, "Quantum Soup" rips open a barrage of sounds and textures that has more action than the scenes of a Star Wars movie. Classical piano to space synthesizer, a real adventure. Featured on the track are Steve Morse on guitar and Terry Bozzio on drums.

"Shifting Sands" slows down a bit, with many different keyboard sounds added as ear candy. This one is just Bozzio and Rudess with Peter Ernest tossed in on nylon strung guitar. "Dreaming In Titanium" is primarily keyboards with Bozzio and cellist Eugene Friesen.

"U-can Icon" begins with a synthesized bass riff and begins to layer from there. Violinist Mark Wood, who is also featured on the track, creates his own violins featuring four, six and eight string violins in the shapes of a flying-V and a stingray. The intro explodes into the body of the composition with carnival-like sounds. Add to that the speed drenched soloing of guitarist John Petrucci.

"Crack The Meter" again utilizes Morse, and Bozzio, but adds the unique sounds of Billy Sheehan on bass. The guitar solo that Morse injects flows flawlessly through the complexity of keyboard sounds that Rudess twists throughout. The Dixie Dregs' evil twin.

"Headspace" is a spacey keyboard solo that features Rudess on piano as well synthesizers. The mellowest track on the disc, but a nice break from the intensity.

"Revolving Door" is perhaps the most adventurous eight plus minutes on the disc. If you can picture a progressive gothic movie soundtrack riddled with tension colliding with the fury of a speed metal marching band that has been directed to focus on a classical composition. Toss in a short rap just to round things out.

The final piano solo comes in the form of a composition called "Interstices." Rudess is truly an amazing pianist as well. FEEDING THE WHEEL continues with the aggressive style present throughout the disc.

There are so many different elements to focus on when listening to FEEDING THE WHEEL. The space theme is merely a disguise for the intensity with which the disc attacks the listener. The different elements of Rudess' career are present in the various stages the disc passes through. It will be interesting where the future takes Jordan Rudess given his amazing past.

BOTTOM LINE: A frightening collection of music laced with the virtuosity of incredible players combining to amaze listeners. One of the best progressive discs of 2001.

review by Randy Allar

We already knew that Jordan is a great keyboard virtuoso, judging from his work with Dixie Dregs and Dream Theater. We also knew that Jordan is a great composer, listening to his musical contributions to both Liquid Tension Experiment CDs. Now we know that he's no less than a genius... Wow, this man has such an immense sense of melody and harmony, he knows how to write polyphonic counterpoints, and he knows how to develop a musical theme without boring his audience. "Feeding The Wheel" is almost an instrumental album - almost, besides some interesting vocal effects and a weird and funny rap insert. The music is piano/synth prog with dense polyphonic arrangements that would have made Johann Sebastian Bach smile. Yet Jordan is not one of those prog keyboarders who simply come up with permutations of stuff already played by Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Jon Lord, and other keyboard veterans. He adds a fresh individual element that makes his music stand out in the world of new prog. Actually, Jordan is one of my biggest hopes for REAL progression in Progressive Rock. review

Rhonda Larson - Free As A Bird (1999)

Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York

Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)


This official bootleg has been approved by Jordan and Rod. They have compiled the best recordings and performances played by the duo between April 1997 and February 1999.

1. Over the Edge
2. Drop the Puck
3. Crossing Over
4. Don't Look Down
5. Night Wind
6. Dead in the Water
7. It's a Mystery
8. Daylight

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Jupiter Project (1998)


One night in autumn of 2000, guitar master John Petrucci and keyboard wonderJordan Rudess - both of prog-rock heroes Dream Theater - performed as a duo for the first time at the intimate Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center in Nyack, New York. Fusing top-notch genre-hopping performances with fine finesse, and a little magic, "An Evening with..." is one of the most adventurous instrumental albums to date.

1. Furia Taurina 10:10
2. Truth 9:48
3. Fife and Drum 9:30
4. A State of Grace 5:45
5. Hang 11 11:38
6. From Within 5:21
7. The Rena Song 7:03
8. In the Moment 6:27
9. Black Ice 10:54
10. Bite of the Mosquito (Studio Version) 1:53

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Kip Winger - This Conversation Seems Like A Dream)

Prefab Sprout The Gunman And Other Stories (2001)

Jordan Rudess - SECRETS OF THE MUSE (1997)

"I have always been an improviser. Some of my most fulfilling musical experiences happen spontaneously. Much of this record was created by just sitting down at my instrument without any preconceived ideas and just letting things flow. I believe that music, like spirit, is everywhere and available to us all. It is the work of the musician to break down the walls of ego and overcome physical limitation in order to capture that living music and translate it into a beautiful sound on his instrument. This record was recorded when my wife Danielle was pregnant with Kayla Rose who is now 4 months old. Ariana Starr, her magical sister is almost three. With a baby on the way, an expanding emotional range and true beauty all around me, I set out on my musical quest. Late at night when all was quiet, I would enter my studio, sit down and just play. I'm excited to have captured performances that I feel are truly 'Secrets of the Muse'."

1. Stillness
2. Deepest Love
3. Autumn Fire
4. Gentle Ways
5. Footpath
6. Virgin Snow
7. Darkness
8. Drifting East
9. A Call for Beauty
10. Cradle Song
11. New Life
12. So It Is
13. Sunset Swingset

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Scott McGill Addition by Substraction (2001)

Various Artists - Stairway to Heaven (1996)

Noirin Ni Riain - Celtic Soul (1996)

Various Artists Romscape (1995)

Annie Haslam - Blessing In Disguise (1994)

Jordan Rudess - LISTEN (1993)

Jordan's first solo progressive-rock album LISTEN captures some of his most explosive keyboard performances to date. Recorded in 1993, LISTEN is a "must have" for anyone interested in Jordan's keyboard work.

1. Listen to the Voice
2. Inspiration
3. Beyond the Shoreline
4. Fade Away
5. It's a Mystery
6. Feel the Magic
7. Invisible Child
8. Across the Sky
9. Take Time
10. Danielle
11. Boogie Wacky Woogie

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Tom Coster - Did Jah Miss Me? (1989)

Jordan Rudess - ARRIVAL (1988)

Arrival is the first real album Jordan Rudess ever created. It has only been released on cassette tape (back in 1988) and has now been remastered and made available for your downloading pleasure. It's Jordan's more gentle, flowing keyboard music; similar in nature to his "Secrets Of the Muse" or "Resonance" albums.

1. Danielle's Dance
2. Making Waves
3. First Waterfall
4. View from Above
5. Soft Landing

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Vinnie Moore Time Odyssey (1988)

Speedway Blvd. (1981)