Two new Jordan Rudess releases!


Jordan Rudess has two exciting releases available now: A new solo CD and a new book.

New Solo Album


This solo album features Jordan’s piano versions of some of Dream Theater’s favorite ballads as well as three original, progressive piano pieces. This album will be available on iTunes and CD Baby soon, but you can purchase it now only at Jordan Rudess’ online store.

Track List:

1. Through Her Eyes
2. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
3. Perpetuum Mobile
4. The Silent Man
5 Another Day
6. Hollow Years
7. The Grand Escapement
8. The Spirit Carries On
9. Speak To Me
10. The Answer Lies Within
11. Collision Point
12. Vacant

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Exclusive! First 50 customers receive FREE Notes On a Dream Poster with purchase of CD.

New Book


Not just a songbook, but a total experience! Note-for-note keyboard transcriptions of nine keyboard-intense Dream Theater songs from 1992-2007, plus amazing full-color concert and behind-the-‘boards photos, and a personal Q&A conversation with Jordan Rudess in which he reveals details of his playing style and the experience of jamming and writing with rock virtuoso bandmates Dream Theater. What’s more, Rudess wrote special “exercise” pieces to precede each song, each focusing on a challenging playing technique unique to the corresponding Dream Theater songs that follows. A must-own collectible for all fans! 212 pages.

Titles: Blind Faith (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence) * Home (Metropolis, Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory) * Honor Thy Father (Train of Thought) * In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1 (Systematic Chaos) * In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 2 (Systematic Chaos) * Lines in the Sand (Falling into Infinity) * Octavarium (Octavarium) * Space-Dye Vest (Awake) * Take the Time (Images and Words) * The Ministry of Lost Souls (Systematic Chaos).
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Signed copies are limited to the first 50 customers! Jordan’s signature appears on the inside cover.