Jordan Rudess iPhone App – Hexatone Pro!


Jordan Rudess, the world-renowned keyboardist of Dream Theater, has collaborated with Amidio Inc., the leading developer of iPhone music apps, in releasing JR Hexatone Pro – a unique iPhone sound sequencing app.

JR Hexatone Pro is a next-generation 6-directional loop generation tool that uses artificial intelligence and advanced randomization algorithms to produce constantly changing sonic structures. The app is capable of creating many type of drum loops, melodic sequences or rhythm patterns, thanks to its ability to load custom user samples and modify them in realtime. Users can also engage built-in Stutter or Chorus effects and control them with the iPhone’s accelerometer.

JR Hexatone Pro is a great addition to the modern musician’s rig. The application comes with a massive library of 400 original factory samples and 40 factory loop presets. After creating and recording the loops, users can export them to .WAV files (via the original ioLibrary technology) and use them on a desktop computer or directly in Intua Beatmaker.

JR Hexatone Pro is available on the iTunes AppStore for $9.99. Click the image below to order!

Check out some samples below!

Visit the Amido website here.