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Please help - MSB LSB Program Change
Old 12-24-2008, 11:56 AM
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Default Please help - MSB LSB Program Change

I've just started a small 3 piece instrumental project with a drummer and bassist from my old band, and a lot of the music will be down to my and my fantom X8.

The general plan is I have up to 5 prerecorded tracks in my fantoms sequencer that will be playing kind of like a backing track, and I'll be doing another keyboard part over that, along with the drummer and bassist.

So I've been trying to work this out....
I was thinking if I compose music in cubase sx3, as a midi only sequence, and use program change data to change the sounds on my fantom and set volume levels etc etc. then export the midi file and put it into my fantoms hard drive ready to gig. so then I only need to concentrate on the part I'm playing as everything else will be playing automatically and any patch changes will happen by preprogrammed MSB LSB and Program change data.

So I have managed to find a list of the MSB LSB and program change values for all the fantoms sounds

{ page 5}

But when I input the relevant values into cubase, and press play... nothing seems to happen, I have also tried using my fantoms internal sequencer and still... nothing

So is it possible to have program change data in a sequence on my fantom, to change the sounds on my fantom? and how do I go about it,

Please help, I'm really quite stuck with this.

Thanks a lot, and merry christmas.
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