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Roland XV-88 Tips / Tutorial by Shreddy
Old 09-15-2003, 03:46 PM
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Default Roland XV-88 Tips / Tutorial by Shreddy

Originally posted by Shreddy:

I had found out a lot of this stuff from sitting on the board for hundreds of hours. I hope this will help you XV88 guys out and once again congrats on the new board Orpheus.

This is a work in progress to create a tutorial so I'm sure I've missed tons of things on this and I've gotten a few things wrong.

XV88 tips

1st option Smart Media and backups:
First thing is to get a Smart Media card - a small capacity 8M card will still provide you with lots and lots of room for backing up thousands and thousands of patches. You have the ability to assign 8 Card banks from the Smart Media card. I made a backup of my default USER banks and saved it to the card and then assigned the saved file to the Card A location, thus all my USER banks (Patches/Performances) are now free to be changed. Note you cannot have spaces in the file names of when saving your tones to the SM card. These cards are $50-$65 for a 128M card, you will never use that much of the card, a typical saved bank is about 300K, save your money and get a nice sustain pedal and a 8 or 16M card ($10). In typical fashion backup your USER bank to your card when ever you make some good changes just to make sure you donít loose them. I have a card reader and saved a backup of my card on a CDR.

Editor Librarian
Go to Roland and download the software editor for this board, install it and play around for days and days editing tones in your USER area. I donít think it fully supports the XV88 for editing tones but I think the Librarian works for it, which is nice considering you have 8 banks of 128 patches (unexpanded and without a Smart Media card)

Pre programmed Controllers:

Preset E 035 - Rocker Org (and all the other organs patches)
Use of a Matrix controller with modulation to control the Leslie speed. Using the Modulation Slider for this effect works very nicely.

by default its assigned to BREATH, some patches make use of this. I think USER 001 Y2K Concerto adds or removes the string layer.

D-BEAM as Pitch Bender
Assign your D-BEAM to Pitch Bend and set the range to 64-128 for bend up or 0-64 for bend down you may have to adjust the polarity for the bend down.

Expression Pedal with out the pedal.
Assign one of the sliders (I used Breath) to Expression for playing around with programming tones to bring in and out layers with an Expression Pedal. Its like having a separate volume control for a layer.

Patch bug fixes:
This really isn't a bug but its very annoying, there are a couple patches that produce a harsh sound when doing wide interval patterns quickly, the result of this is a legato switch was turned on in the patch. If you go to edit the Patch go to Common and then change the Legato Switch to Retrigger or just turn it off.
Some of the effected patches are:
USER 011 - Searing Lead
USER 103 - Soaring Sync

Misc Tips:
The headphone volume is really really loud, I went into the Master settings and lowered the volume from there. This effects the overall level output from the board.

Learn the Performance mode!!! You can create very deep layers and multiple keyboard splits (16 splits). Its also good for recording and for MIDI / Sequencing options.

A Performance program suggestion:

Creating the ultimate Guitar shred fest tone

USER 13 SearingLd/Bs
Edit the Bass layer, change the tone to acoustic Guitar (try different ones), enable sustain pedal, disable pitch bend and modulation. Enable the arpegieator for that layer only, select a rhythm guitar pattern,
Lead Layer enable pitch bend, disable, sustain pedal and arpeggieator.
Results you can have a strumming guitar on the left hand and a fantastic lead guitar on the right hand very cool to impress your friends with.
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