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Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
On the spirit of new gear i got me this:

Shure PSM 200 Wireless In Ear Monitors, i got a deal, about $300 on a used set from a friend who got endorsed by JTS so they give him a new set of IEM's .
$300 is a pretty good price in Latin america i can re-sell them and make a profit , everything worked except the earbuds, it still had the old E2's, i fix them (New Plug) but they still sounded like shit, worst earbuds ever, its scary that they actually shiped them stock, so i got some consumer grade Sennheiser ear buds that completely blew them away in every sense.
Sounds like you had a bad pair of earbuds. The E2s worked great for me for a couple years before I upgraded to the SCL5s
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