View Full Version : XV5050 question: saving and retrieving sounds after track is complete

04-13-2006, 07:05 PM
Okay Can Someone Please Explain To Me How To Save The Sounds That Are Used In The Xv5050 After Completing A Track Because This Is The Problem That Im Having, I'll Save The Sounds Like I Read In The Manual And How I Was Taught And When I Go To Pull Them Back Up Some Of The Sounds Aren't Even The Right Sounds, Or I Can Turn The Knob One Time And That Will Be The Sound That Was Used But The Settings Aren't Correct, This Happens To 50% Of The Tracks And The Others Come Out Perfect When I Pull Them Back Up!!! I Was Thinking Something Is Wrong With The Midi But It Everything Triggers Like Its Suppose To But Can Someone Please Help Me With This Problem Because Its Very Frustrating... Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated!!!! Thanks, B.hawk