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maJ estY
08-19-2005, 10:17 AM
Hey folks, I just thought I'd start this thread, because I think that some of you might have some inspiring ideas for me. Well - I actually hope so :)

My parish always offers a two week long event for children (between 7 and 13 years) during the last summer holiday weeks. As a child, I was a participant of this event for years, and this year, it's the 5th time that I'll be doing one of the carers.
However, in the second week, we will all be in a youth hostel, and we (the carers) offer a couple of projects for the children they can choose. They will be in one project for the whole week (actually 4 days). I thought it's time for something new, so I decided to offer a percussion workshop with up to 10 children. I thought of building the instruments on our own during the first two days and rehearse one or two pieces during the third and fourth day, connected with an introduction in rhythms and beats in the 4/4 measure. It is, of course, possible that some or all of the children don't play any instrument and have no idea of rhythm and stuff, but that will not be a problem for me.

What I want to have is some ideas for funny instruments, ryhthms or pieces we could play and stuff like that.
I want you to post here everything you can think of.

Thanks for your inspiration, people. :D