View Full Version : Vocalist Needed Desperately in NJ

06-26-2005, 10:29 AM
My band has been searching for a prog rock singer for the last year now. We're running out of places to look now. We posted flyers in tons of stores, advertised on the Aquarian, done the whole Craig's List/etc. thing, and tried to tap connections from friends. All the singers we've auditioned either a) can't sing well or b) want to be in a death metal band.

So we're kind of stuck between a rock and hard place right now. We have full songs written--lyrics and all--but we can't gig until we find a singer. So please, if anybody here is a singer in NJ or KNOWS a singer in NJ, I'd be really grateful if you could contact me or even shoot somebody's email address our way.

In fact, I'll probably be so happy that I'll....write a Shakesperian sonnet about you :P

Seriously though, any advice is muchly appreciated. If you or somebody you know is interested send me an email at ktriton@bu.edu and I'll send you a demo with lyrics so you/he/she can get the feel of the music.


:: Gets off soapbox ::

06-27-2005, 01:06 AM
No one?


How about NY or Philly?

On a sidenote, we're trying out a singer tommorow, but she's 17 :/

It's sad when you have to resort to high schoolers.