View Full Version : Missing sections from BC&SL stems

06-29-2009, 08:58 AM
I've posted this on MP's and JP's forum, I'm doing the same here, to get a response from the guys or admins maybe.

I noticed that there are some of JP's solos missing from the stems disc.

i.e. The Count of Tuscany [Stems DVD] , JP's guitar is missing from the 1st and 2nd unisons with JR at 2:19 and 3:03 respectively

I haven't looked in detail for the other tracks yet , but this one caught my attention so far
anyone else found anything missing?

Any chance we could have the missing parts uploaded somewhere ?

I also noticed that the solos are actually missing from the Instrumental CD as well

06-29-2009, 10:13 AM
For the instrumental disc, the solos aren't "missing" at all. That was intentional, most likely to provide a backing track for vocals, guitars and keyboards.
As for the isolated tracks, I haven't got mine yet, but I have heard about the missing parts on the guitar tracks. I know the samples aren't there, although I prefer this to having them added to any of the existing tracks, and it would be pretty wasteful to have a whole track for the new samples in each song. It's a shame some of the guitar parts are missing though. It would have been great to literally just dump the tracks together and have our own unmastered copy of the album.