View Full Version : A new tune

06-22-2009, 12:57 PM
Hello there, I do not know if many even bother checking the show off section. But for those who do, I will tell you about this thing.

Yesterday I was simply practicing (I was actually learning space-dye vest) and suddenly I just felt like improvising and recording it. I just pressed record on my pc, and voilá. I liked the result very much. It is purely Nord Stage and recorded in real time, no editing, no effects... just the Nord Stage.

Heres is a link to the file: http://rapidshare.com/files/247443858/EP_and_synth_bass_improv.ogg

Here is a link to another forum which has the NS program available for download, for anyone interested: http://www.johannes-emmerling.de/nord-stage/your-music-featuring-the-nord-stage-f6/an-improv-tune-t59.html

I have done this many times, but this is probably just the first time that I truly like what I did and that sounds good on its own.

Hope you enjoy it and keep in mind im no professional player nor do I practice every single day, plus its an improv and recorded in real time, which makes it error-plenty!!

EDIT: having heard it more times, I think its actually prety bad improv XD I think that perhaps only the latter half is ok