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Jordan Rudess’s Featured App Of The Week


Welcome to my Featured Apps page. This page will highlight apps for iOS that I believe deserve special recognition.I hope you enjoy this page and who knows, maybe the next JR feature will be about your app!



AudioStretch is an iOS app created by my friend Gerry Beauregard. He is unusually talented audio programmer. With a AudioStretch he has created something that is unique and powerful. It allows you to slow down audio to an absolute freezing point which can be used as an incredible learning tool as well as an amazing sonic manipulator. Unlike other apps that slow down your music so you can learn it, AudioStretch can slow it down to the point of being still. If that’s not slow enough for you, you can also play the audio file in reverse! While it’s doing that it can maintain its harmonic quality. Amazing- and it’s my pleasure to share it with you as my featured app.


EFFECTRIX by Sugar-Bytes

Sugar-bytes creates extremely cool cutting edge music software. Effectrix is one of my very favorite effects plug-ins for my computer but now it is also in app form for iOS!

If you’re looking for out of the box coolness which can take your sonics to another level, you must check this out!





ZED is very cool new app that allows you to explore new sonic territory by incorporating traditional methods of synthesis along with modeling synthesis. What really is interesting to me is when you start bringing audio from outside sources into the app. You can do things like make a drum groove take on harmonic pitched elements or achieve the sound of resonating piano strings from any input source. Congratulations to developer Richard Meyer for being my very first app feature on this page.